We carry these brands!

  • xx
  • allied-mills
  • les-vergers-boiron
  • braun
  • bridel
  • callebaut
  • caraman
  • cointreau
  • dobla
  • griottines
  • minerve
  • priestley's
  • sosa
  • tiptree
  • one-way
  • kiri
  • lavany-vanilla
  • florensuc

PastryGlobal is proud to work with the crème de la crème partners.

We are not just distributing the products. We build the brands with our passion as we believe in quality ingredients.

The PastryGlobal team has a strong history of nurturing premium pastry brands in our market. Our team members have good product knowledge as well as the knowhow of using the products wisely. We have good relationship with the pastry chefs and the trade people. Our partners complement each other in providing quality products for making delicious cakes, sweets and bakery items.

With our extensive network in the pastry world, we are delighted to recommend our partners to different market in other parts of the world for exploring business opportunities. Together we grow the business, not just within Hong Kong and Macau, but globally as our name says – PastryGlobal.